Sunday, January 21, 2018
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White that smile: student giveaway

With the smile being the first thing that people notice, of course, we all want to have a beautiful, beaming white smile, but with happy hours, and the hottest new restaurants to try, sometimes it is hard to splurge on the professional teeth whitening services.

This is where Smile Brilliant comes in.  The LED Teeth Whitening System from Smile Brilliant is a home kit that is comparable in price to other products available at your local store and works incredibly well at giving you that gleaming white smile you are looking for.

In the past, all I have ever tried to whiten my teeth with was whitening toothpaste, so I was thrilled to be giving this a try.   The package comes with a 4 oz., brush-on whitening gel pen (22% professional strength), a high intensity LED light, and a lip and cheek protector.  From there it is only 3 little steps:

  1. Twist the top of the whitening pen until the whitening gel starts to come out, and apply to teeth.
  2. You just brush the gel on quick, and the brush makes for a clean application.
  3.  Turn on the LED light, and insert it into your mouth.  You keep the LED light in for 20-45 minutes.  If you choose to, you can opt to continue whitening without the LED for an additional 1-2 hours.

See.  Easy Peasy.  My one word of advice, though.  You probably should do this alone when you have some free time for yourself.  One, you can’t talk while it is in, and two, you look a little goofy.

Is it worth it you ask?  I liked my results.  Here is my before and after shots.

Though the pictures are not the clearest, take it from me, they were definitely whiter after only one use.

So if your smile needs a boost, queue up your favorite show on Netflix, grab some Smile Brilliant, and show some love to your pearly whites!