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How to Improve your performance at Work positive attitude

Performance = Potential – Interference

How you perform, whilst at work, in relation to your job and your work life balance, can have a significant impact on both your job and your work life balance

Let us just for a moment or two, imagine that your life is in equal harmony between work and life.

Everything is as it should be, friends and family, work colleagues – all of these relationships are going really well. You have control over your life, stress is being managed, you seem satisfied at work, but something is missing.

The realisation is something you wish you had not discovered, work is tiresome, frustrating and well to be honest not enjoyable and there is no fun anymore.

If this sounds just like you, take heart we all feel like this at some stage in our working lives. What you need is a spark, a spark to which you can ignite the dying embers of work, there has to be more to life than just endlessly churning out results day after day?

Awareness is the key

By becoming more aware of your current situation, more aware of what work actually means to you, of what constitutes performance and how can I improve my performance whilst at the same time have some fun and enjoy the job that I do.

Fun, enjoyment, and performance improvement will follow once you have raised your own levels of awareness.

First let us establish what performance is, how can we define performance?

What is performance?

in any given situation, whether it be in sport or work, we can drill it down to a simple formula.

P = p – i

Performance = Potential minus Interference

When we break down the formula further, you are actually left with a belief, a belief that you have the potential to achieve improvement and change in any scenario you care to mention

It is our potential that forms the basis of this belief, the belief that we do indeed, all of us, have within us the potential to achieve anything.

The most difficult aspect is removing the (i) in this case (i) equals interference.

Interference can be summed up as a little self doubt, an unfounded assumption, a fear of either failure or success.

We all possess some of these interferences, to what extent they rule our lives is of course dependent upon the individual.

If our interferences are allowed to rule us, then improvements will become harder to come by.

On the other hand however, becoming aware of our interference, raising our own awareness of where they come from and why they exist within us, will provide us with the knowledge required to overcome these obstacles.

Interference = Limiting Beliefs

In essence, our interferences are limiting beliefs, beliefs that we allow to influence our thoughts and actions, our consciousness.

Awareness of these limiting beliefs (i) will ensure that we have the right amount of motivation and desire to overcome them, especially in terms of performance improvement.

How to improve your performance at work,

Once you know what has caused your (i) the next stage is to find enjoyment, finding out what you enjoy about your work will have an immediate impact on your working life, work in our humble opinion needs to be more, much more than just results.

Enjoyment at Work Exercise

A good way to find out what you enjoy about your work, is to complete the following self assessment

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 equals the most enjoyment you have ever had whilst working and one is the least)

Next ask yourself two questions.

Question 1 – What contributes to my enjoyment while working?

Question 2 – What contributes to my misery while working?

State of being While Working Percent of your work time spent in this state

Enjoyment (8-10

In Between (4-7)

Misery (1-3)

Here are a few possible answers to those questions

  • On what contributes to enjoyment
  • When my heart is in it
  • When I am acting out of choice, not pressure
  • When I like the work I am doing
  • On what contributes to misery
  • When I am in conflict with co-workers
  • When there is insufficient time to carry out the task
  • When I am not trusted

Learning – The final piece of the work triangle.

The final piece of the work triangle, in terms of improvements, is that of learning.

Learning is perhaps the most important part,( a debatable point I am sure, a point for the blog perhaps?) without learning taking place, the work triangle will collapse, it will have no foundation and performance improvements at work will not occur.

Once enjoyment and learning are in place, performance improvement will occur almost without any effort.

Remembering at all times, that there is no improvement without change and no change can occur without learning.