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Books overview: Charlotte’s Web by E.B White

Charlotte’s Web

In 1952 E.B White’s classic “Charlottes Web” was written and published. When a small pig is born, Mr Arable sets of to kill it, but his daughter Fern argues to keep the pig. Will Mr Arable listen? Will Wilbur be saved? Charlottes Web is set on a farm in the country. Wilbur the pig has several friends; the goose, the sheep and Templeton the rat, but only one true friend, Charlotte the spider.

Wilbur soon learns how to live with the animals in the barn and not with Fern nursing him everywhere she goes. Charlotte also lays eggs but then something terrible happens and Wilbur is forced to take the eggs home. Every spider leaves the barn except for Joy, Aranea and Nellie. This book is an adventure to save Wilbur’s life!

The author’s (E.B White) purpose of this entire book is that you can be friends no matter how different you are to each other. This book has been enjoyed and loved by many for 57 years and still it will be loved. I would highly recommend reading this book one or even more times.

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

The classic book by Anna Sewell, ‘Black beauty‘, has enthralled audiences of all ages since 1877, a whopping 132 years (as of 2009). This test of time proves the book’s worth and the quality of Sewell’s writing. The story begins with Black Beauty, a colt on a farm in the outskirts of London, living with his mother and kind master. He is sold to another kind master and proves himself to be a horse with a golden temperament. Through the selling and buying over the years he comes in contact with many a cruel man, kind man, wise man and stupid man. Throughout the book, Black Beauty befriends many other animals in the various stables he lives in giving the audience a sense of a broader world within the book. Anna Sewell develops each character with such incredible detail that they each appear to be your best friend. The lengthy storyline follows Black Beauty’s entire life with great highs, great lows and great, well timed plateaus. Using the older style of English Sewell is able to better capture the imagination and what is happening giving the reader the feeling of being inside the very cover of the book. Overall, Black Beauty is a well-known classic of endless worth and a must-read for any well-rounded reader.